Electronics level E-glass fiber yarn

Electronics level E-glass fiber yarn

Applying for shade hanging
Applying for basic fabrics used in the printed circuit board industry (rigid and multiplayer)
Applying for bulked roving
[Product properties]
Steady and averaged filament density
Magnificent Protect ability of sizing. low fuzz.
Good filament tensile force.
Product code
 Linear density
?Tex? Filament diameter
?um? L.O.I
?%? Moisture content
?%? Tensile strength
G150 1/0 1.3Z 4K 34 9 0.80-1.20 ?0.20 >0.4
G37 1/0 0.7Z4K 137 9 0.80-1.20 ?0.20 >0.4
G751/0 0.7ZY1 4K 68 9 0.80-1.20 ?0.20 >0.4
G75 1/0 0.7Z Y2 4K 68 9 0.80-1.20 ?0.20 >0.4

Product Origin:  china
Model Number:  
Brand Name:  xinli

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