Chopped E-fiberglass yarn

Chopped E-fiberglass yarn

Chopped glass fiber yarn chopped in a row on the basis of the continuous E-glass fiber yarn, with good dispersion, the temperature is good, excellent flexibility, such as the special ideally supporting materials. We can product the 3.8um, 4.8um, 5um, 5.5um, 6um and so on a variety of single—wire diameter of the glass fiber chopped yarn..
Product name
 Filament diameter?um?  Chopped length
 Surface length  Surface water content
 Combustible matter content
Chopped E-fiberglass 5.5um 51mm 7—10% 0.2—0.3% 0.5—0.8%
Chopped E-fiberglass 5.0um 51mm 7—10% 0.2—0.3% 0.5—0.8%
Chopped E-fiberglass 4.8um
 51mm 7—10% 0.2—0.3% 0.5—0.8%
Chopped E-fiberglass 3.8um
 51mm 7—10% 0.2—0.3% 0.5—0.8%

Product Origin:  china
Model Number:  
Brand Name:  xinli

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