Electronics level glass fiber cloth

Electronics level glass fiber cloth

  The electrical and thermal properties of fiber glass fabrics were instrumental in their early acceptance in high temperature electrical insulation. Combined with alkyd varnishes, silicon resins, silicon rubber, PTFE, mica or pressure sensitive adhesives and slit into tapes, these products continue to be used widely in electrical equipment of all kinds Fiber glass fabrics in combination with thermosetting epoxy resins constitute the basic raw material for printed circuit boards, where the thermal, electrical dimensional stability and mechanical property contributions of fiber glass fabrics to the laminate find maximum utilization.  Lightweight fiber glass fabrics are used extensively in multilayer printed circuitry, imparting a high degree of dimensional stability to these products as well as to flexible electrical products.

Ends/5cm Warp yarn
 Filling  yarn
(g/? Thickness
 (mm) Breaking strength N/5cm
1080 118×93 EC5-11×1×0 EC5-11×1×0 plain 48.8 0.051 610×350
7628 87×63 EC9-34×1×2 EC9-34×1×2 plain 204 0.178 2100×1700
EW140 80×60 EC8-25×1×2 EC8-25×1×2 plain 140 0.130 1900×1700
7637 87×42 EC9-34×1×2 EC9-34×2×2 plain 240 0.229 2100×2100
7626 67×63 EC9-34×1×2 EC9-34×1×2 plain 185 0.165 1970×1710
7684 87×69 EC9-34×2×2 EC9-34×2×4 plain 861 0.686 8300×7000
7781 116×106 EC9-34×1×0 EC9-34×1×2 plain 302 0.229 3065×2890

Product Origin:  china
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Brand Name:  xinli

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